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Welcome to Rumble Cloud, a high-performance cloud platform with a fixed monthly price for bundled and dedicated cloud services for business. Experience significant cost savings versus the Big Tech providers.  

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Self-service: Easy and User-friendly  

Rumble Cloud is a self-service purchasing, provisioning, and management platform. Our essential cloud services can be purchased and deployed from our user-friendly console and then set up in minutes.

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Custom package: Predictable Budget Planning

Our ‘build your own’ custom resource package pricing model puts you in control of your cloud experience and expenses. With no lock-in, no hidden fees and a fixed monthly cost, you’ll realize pricing predictability like never before.

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How To: Build your First Virtual Machine

After logging in to your account, explore the cloud console and set up your tools. If you need help, check out our How-To video: Getting Started on Rumble Cloud, a walk-through on how to build your first virtual machine.

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Frequently asked questions

Rumble Cloud is a business-to-business, self-service cloud computing platform which provides high-performance cloud computing products for businesses and applications of all sizes.

Rumble Cloud sells predictable, fixed-price service packages that include all essential cloud computing services. Each tier includes:

  • Premium, dedicated vCPUs
  • Dedicated memory
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • Image management
  • Snapshots
  • Network services
  • Routing
  • Load balancing
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Container orchestration engines
  • API and CLI access
  • 1 TB of object storage

Rumble Cloud caters to businesses and developers seeking a high-performance cloud platform with a predictable price for bundled, essential, dedicated services. We’re a good fit for solutions that require considerable scale and high volumes of transactions. The platform doesn’t lock you into vendor licensing, additional usage charges, pricing fees, or any long-term contracts.

Rumble Cloud provides several default Linux distributions you can use to get started, and you can also build or bring your own images and manage them through the cloud console.

Rumble Cloud does not support Windows machines. It is the customer's responsibility to understand the legal limitations and ramifications of their use of any Microsoft product in a cloud environment. For the avoidance of doubt, Rumble Cloud accepts no liability for a customer's use of Microsoft products.

Our pricing model is different from most consumption-based, variable pricing models. Our clear differences in value and performance enable decision-makers to manage predictable, scalable cloud budgets and developers a full suite of dedicated cloud computing resources suitable for any use case. No lock-in. No surprise fees. Just a predictable fixed monthly cost.

You can get started quickly with our Starter package. Or you can ‘build your own’ resource-based cloud service package to match your specific needs. Use our simple slider functionality to choose the perfect combination of vCPU, RAM, and Block Storage to create a personalized solution that aligns seamlessly with your workload demands. You’ll see your monthly fixed cost in real-time.

Whether you choose the Starter package or a custom package, you have the essential and complete package of dedicated, high-performance, premium cloud computing resources. You are not charged extra for usage, provisioning, or deployments. Floating IP addresses can be added for an additional $4 a month, with no usage fees.

Rumble Cloud provides a self-service platform with essential features for building cloud-based solutions. For large projects and enterprise businesses, Rumble Cloud partners with managed services providers (MSPs), such as ACPCreativIT and Qinshift, with more partners coming soon. If you are a large or enterprise business and would like to schedule a discovery call, please Contact Sales.

Rumble Cloud does not currently offer managed cloud services. Customers who are familiar with managed services such as relational database services or push-button application deployments will find well-known migration paths and deployment options in Rumble Cloud.

Rumble Cloud offers 1 TB of object storage with every tier, including the Starter Tier for $68 / month with no contracts, usage fees, API access charges, or transfer fees.

With Rumble Cloud object storage, you don’t pay extra to provision or use storage containers (buckets), you don’t pay extra for object sizes, and you don’t pay extra based on the duration of storage. With other S3 providers, you pay for all of those things.

Rumble Cloud does not offer a variety of storage tiers with different variable pricing options and does not tie pricing to availability zones, retrieval actions, frequency of use, usage patterns, or usage intent. With other S3 providers, you pay for all of those things.

With Rumble Cloud object storage, in addition to 1 TB per month of storage, you also get dedicated vCPUs, premium SSD block storage, snapshots, network services, resource orchestration, and API and CLI access included in the price of every Rumble Cloud tier, all without any additional charges, usage fees, or dynamic pricing.

In comparison, you’ll need to consider the following costs when purchasing object storage from leading Big Tech competitors:

  • storage pricing
  • request and data retrieval pricing
  • data transfer and transfer acceleration pricing
  • data management and insights feature pricing
  • replication pricing
  • transform and query feature pricing

While you may be able to calculate a total cost of ownership for object storage with other cloud providers, keep in mind that it may be difficult to accurately estimate and account for all possible costs in real-world usage over time.

With Rumble Cloud, you get 1 TB of monthly object storage in every tier.

If you need more than 1 TB per month of object storage, our sales team will assist you with your requirements.

Rumble Cloud covers several geographic regions in the United States. For a complete list available to your project, login to your Rumble Cloud console.

The Rumble Cloud platform makes it easy to procure, deploy and manage your cloud services from a single control panel.

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